Experience of calculating time differences via DataSHIELD

Hi everyone,

is there any experience in calculating the time-to-event data, e.g., the difference in days between the date of event and the date of inclusion and using this as an endpoint?

Best wishes, Daniela

Redacted version of Paul’s post:

Hi Daniela.

I have some experience with using Datashield on data like this - data preparation and analysis. It is probably easiest to discuss quickly over the phone or Skype to explore what you need. I could briefly speak with you tomorrow [friday] morning at 11:00 [uk time] = 12:00 [CET]. If that is any good could you contact me via text to tell me [redacted by olly]. My skype name is [redacted by olly]. and if you phone me at 11:00 we can then decide whether to continue by phone or move to skype. Alternatively we can get Jayne Coyles (our research administrator) to set up a phone/Skype for next week or the week after - her email is:(Jayne.coyles2@newcastle.ac.uk)

Cheers Paul burton

Hi Paul,

thanks for you reply and sorry for my late one - its crazy right now.

We are in a planning phase and want to decide in MIRACUM which data manipulation steps we want to do where. Basically, we now favor calculating such things before DataSHIELD (via standardized R-Files in Dockers which we already use to extract the data from the medical systems in a harmonized way across the sites) to keep the risk of enabling benchmarking the sites without permission.

Best Daniela