DataSHIELD teleconference - DSI/Resources/dsOmics

Hi everyone,

We will organise a teleconference to discuss and demonstrate the DataSHIELD DSI, the DataSHIELD Resources, and the dsOmics package.

If anyone of you would like to participate in this telecon please add your availability in the following doodle poll:


Thanks everyone for adding your availability in the doodle poll. It looks that the Thursday 20th of February is the most convenient date for most of us.

So let’s have the telecon on the 20th of Feb at 11:00 UK time.

We will post later on here a link where you can use to join the telecon.


DSI - dsOmics demo webcall instructions

Date: 20/02/2020 Time: 11:00 GMT (12:00 CET)

Recommended: Join by computer

Want to dial in from a phone?

Dial the phone number for your country

Enter the meeting ID: 500 422 259 followed by #

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Hi everyone,

This is a reminder for the DataSHIELD webcall tomorrow Thursday at 11:00 GMT. The links for joining the telecon are above.


Thanks, that was really interesting to see what is possible!

Thank you for setting up this session and for the presentations.

I would be interested to try out some of the additional examples I saw today. I have already tried the ExpressionSet, but would like to try the GWAS too. Will the vignette be updated and made available, so that I can demonstrate it to people here who are currently doing 'omics work the old fashioned way? (That is, sending round analysis plans in email, gathering results centrally, sending round more analysis plans etc.)

Thanks Tom for your interest and comments.

Of course, the vignette and both packages will be available. I’m just making minor changes and providing more information about the methods and data types before uploading it to GitHub. Hope to send you the link before Monday

Best, Juan

Hi everyone again!

Just finished the vignette including the slides I presented in the teleconf. It can be seen here:

Comments/sugestions/changes are wellcome.

We will continue working on some issues but the whole ideas are there.

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