Sharing user experience with DataSHIELD in our project

Dear all,

We are currently planning a workshop in Germany for the Medical Informatics Funding Scheme, where four medical informatics consortia are working on making data from German medical university centers available. Our project, MIRACUM, is using DataSHIELD, whereas the other consortia are planning on using PersonalHealthTrain (which is not working yet).

In the workshop, the aim is to discuss potential analysis frameworks and how the 4 consortia can make sure that they can work together, although they want to focus on other technical solutions.

Our consortium has argued that it would be best to learn from experience. Thus, we would like to know if someone wants to share hands-on-experiences with DataSHIELD and potentially present this at the workshop in Berlin. It is not about advertising the product, but about what kind of problems did you encounter, if you could solve them, and what issues are still open or difficult form your point of view. Of course, you can also send me your thoughts if you do not want to present it at the workshop yourself.

Alternatively: Do you know someone who might be willing and sutiable?

I would be very grateful for your help!

Best wishes, Daniela

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@tombishop what about Sylivia - she used DataSHIELD for her paper and is not involved in DataSHIELD development?

Also @demetris.avraam were you supporting Cai - wasn’t sure if he used DataSHIELD - again he wasn’t developing in DataSHIELD.

Hi Becca and Daniela,

Silvia didn’t actually use DataSHIELD at all - I did all the analysis, as I have done for most of the other papers that are being written. There is one colleague in Germany who is in the process of using DataSHIELD for analysis, and I could pass on his details if that would be helpful?


Dear Becca and Tom,

Thank you very much for your help! The contact information would be very helpful, at least for asking about his opinion.

Best wishes, Daniela

No problem, I contacted you separately as I don’t want to put the details on the forum



Thanks Tom!

Best Daniela

In case you are still looking for speakers this paper published recently but I’m not sure which author did the analysis.

Thanks Becca! I will look into it

Interesting paper. From what I can gather, they only had a single study so I wonder why they used DataSHIELD? Although it looks like the main author is from a different institution to where the EPIC data are held, so is it a single-site DataSHIELD example?

My guess is that only the microbiom data is available in the center directly and that they analysed the association with other clinical parameters, which were only available at the practice sites, with DataSHIELD.

Possibly a bit late now - but thought I would pass on that I found this paper ( lead author at UMGC, Groningen )- but again none of the DataSHIELD core team is co-author. It does not state exactly which sites used DataSHIELD just that some of their network did. Published in 2018

Hi b

Thanks You had already put this onto our website hadn’t you because this is one of the recent ones I was referring to?


Yes. I think it is via Maelstrom as Danny and Isabel are co-authors.