Upcoming Beginner & Advanced Users workshop!

Hello all! We would like to announce that there will be two workshops taking place later this month:

- Beginners workshop:

  • Time: Tuesday 23 June, 10.00-11.00 (British Summer Time)
  • Suitability: absolute beginners to DataSHIELD, new users of DataSHIELD
  • Subject: basics of login, basic functions and forums within DataSHIELD, time for questions
  • Leaders: Alex Westerberg, Tom Bishop

- More advanced users workshop:

  • Time: Thursday 18 June, 13.00-15.00 (British Summer Time)
  • Suitability: prior knowledge of using DataSHIELD advised
  • Subject: demonstration of IPD analysis and mediation analysis
  • Leaders: Paul Burton, Tom Bishop, Demetris Avraam, Angela Pinot de Moira

Please register for either or both of these sessions by (1) filling in the Doodle, indicating which session(s) you would like to attend and (2) sending an email to datashield@newcastle.ac.uk (in order for us to capture your email address).


Please make sure you register by Tuesday 16 June if attending the advanced workshop and Monday 22 June if attending the beginners’ workshop. We will then send you the link to the Zoom meeting (as long as you have emailed us your address!).


I would be very interested in the advanced users workshop, but am unavailable during that time-frame. Will the material be public or could I get it somehow?

Best, Daniela

Hi Daniela,

We will certainly make available the powerpoint presentations and the R scripts that we will use for demonstration. In addition, I will investigate options to record the zoom meeting, as I believe that is a possibility, but I will confirm that closer to the time.


a recording can be posted on the YouTube channel.

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Many thanks to both of you :slight_smile: