DataSHIELD Workshop 2020?

Hi everybody,

As we are currently planing the year in our group (coneferences, vacations), I wanted to ask when and where the DataSHIELD workshop is planed for this year?

Best wishes, Daniela

Hi Daniela,

I guess it was agreed that it will be organized at ISGlobal (Barcelona).

However, nobody has contact me yet to propose temptative dates or how to organized the meeting

Best, Juan

Hi Daniela,

If my notes are correct, it’s planned for the week of 5th October 2020 - although I don’t think the exact dates have yet been finalised.

Also, my recollection from the last workshop is that it will be hosted in Barcelona.

Best wishes,

 -- Andrei


if that’s true, please confirm whether it will be one or two days. I need to book the rooms. Also I’d like to talk to anyone who about the budget (just in case we need to pay for some extra rooms)

Best, Juan

Current plans are for the Monday 5th - Wednesday 7th October 2020 hosted in Barcelona. With eucan meeting on the Thursday and Friday.

@jrgonzalez sorry I couldn’t make the Athelete meeting last week I have had several deadlines this month following a period of data collection. I shall be in touch in the next two weeks regarding the meeting space - and probably to organise a visit to check the site accessibility (I’m paranoid!). Is it possible for you to check availability of your larger meeting rooms during those dates with estimated attendance of 60-100 people.

We will set a not-for-profit registration fee (as previous years) to cover hosting costs.

We will need to see what sponsorship can be gained from other sources. E.g. GitHub used to run an open call for conference sponsorship.


Question about the (previously planned) DataSHIELD workshop 2020 and any associated meetings. Becca had written:

Current plans are for the Monday 5th - Wednesday 7th October 2020 hosted in Barcelona. With eucan meeting on the Thursday and Friday.

Is this still the plan? Given the pandemic and associated confusion around potential travel restrictions, maybe it has been reconsidered? It would be very useful to know asap what the details are in order to block time out (or not).



Hi Andrei,

Thank you very much for asking this question. To be honest, it has been raised briefly before the holiday season started. So, the content of this email is based on our previous discussions within the DataSHIELD core team.

With Becca moving to Liverpool university and the current pandemic. I believe it is unlikely that we will be traveling to Barcelona. To the best of my knowledge, final decision for the EUCAN meeting is to be made at the start of September.

Instead of hosting a two-day online DataSHIELD workshop 2020, the DataSHIELD core team is in favour in hosting some 2-hour online workshops through the whole year. If you contact Paul and Elaine Smith, they will be able to suggest what is the next step and when we are likely to post more information. Also, Elaine can proactively keep you inform.

On behalf of the DataSHIELD team, I would like to apologies for not keeping our community up-to-date about the situation.

Best wishes,


Hi Patricia,

Thanks for the response. I think ongoing 1-2 hour online workshops as previously discussed would be great. I also think it’s important to have discussion about other stuff (i.e. direction of the project and how different people/groups can contribute etc) so I will speak to Paul and Elaine about this as you have suggested.

Hope you have a nice summer!

Best wishes,