DSI, DSI Lite, DataShield

We appreciate some outstanding new libraries have been recently developed and release from Opal. Yannick and its development team have completed some superb work.

DSI lite brings some good opportunity for some some early development purposes. At this early stage, it is believed no or very little non-disclosive aspects have yet to be implemented. In contrast, DSI is going to be part of DataShield in the future. It is an existing new development that will open DataShield to more data storage platforms. The latter will allow full non-disclosivity of data.

At the end of the month, the Newcastle team is unable to discuss fully the effects on the current versions of DataShield until the end of the month. At that stage, we will be able to inform you further of our plan.

In the mean time, we would value your feedback. Could you tell us how important it is for you to include DSI in our next releases.

Best wishes,