dsBaseClient python library

Following on from Yannick’s talk at the DataSHIELD conference. I am posting to gage interest in setting up a working group to develop dsBaseClient python library. Longer term it would be useful to support multiple datashield client methods - we already have ShinyDataSHIELD (gui) and dsBaseClient (R) and there is interest in adding a python client. If you are interested in joining the working group please post below and we can set up a group meeting to discuss.

Thanks Becca for this reminder!

For those who are interested in playing with Datashield in Python:

  • installation
pip install datashield-opal

There is certainly room for improvement with the API. Starting the rewrite of the dsBaseClient would be a good challenge for finding the more pythonic way of implementing a Datashield client package in this language. Building a UI with streamlit.io could also be cool.

Let me know if you are interested.


I’m interested in joining the working group :slight_smile:


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Hi Judith,

Thanks for your interest! How would you like to contribute?