DataSHIELD v5.1 Now available

DataSHIELD v5.1 is just about ready to go! We just have to update a few minor bits of documentation before we tag it and push it out. I thought I’d let those of you waiting for it know that the plan is to release it in the new year - I decided not to release it just before the christmas holidays in case there are any unforeseen problems with it. If you want to have a sneak peek the code is at:


Also the release notes are being written at:

We are also working on the DSI release (v6.0) so that should be soon too!

Hi everyone!

DataSHIELD version 5.1 is now officially released, we recommend you upgrade to it where possible. The release notes are as above.

Any issues (or praise!) let us know.

Great! I look forward to trying it out