Testing, DSI and DS lite

The Newcastle team is working hard to test as many functions as we can with our continuous integration.

I am particularly focusing on verifying the functions are returning the expecting values; the latter are calculated against R using the same test data locally and on the server. I am also very busy to verify the function is mathematically correct. This type of tests is similar as completing a mathematical proof. These tests manipulate the results in a different way, to verify the results matches some well-known mathematical properties for example.

I believe this type of test will confirm the validity of the function that DataShield is offering to your research.

At the moment we are focusing on the client side using Opal. I am aware it is soon deprecated. However, our next release will still rely on that version. Then, the testing framework will adapt to DSI.

To discover the maximum of potential issues, DSI will replace to test the client side function. It uses the whole IP stack and help us discovering some issues when many protocols and data conversion is made. Then to test the server function, DSI lite will offer a fantastic tool to test the validity and other tests type we use in our continuous integration.

For that reason, the Newcastle team would encourage anybody to test the server function with DSI lite and the client function with DSI.


Please note that it is not Opal that is “soon deprecated”, it’s the R package called opal, that connects to a Opal server, that is to be replaced by opalr. DSOpal, the implementation of DSI for Opal server is based on opalr and is still the reference implementation for Datashield.