DataSHIELD v6.0 released

Hi all,

DataSHIELD v6.0.0 is now available to download/install!

The main focus of this release is to move to DSI, along with a few new/edited functions. Note that DSI requires a slightly different syntax to log in, so this will break existing scripts. Sorry.

We are also taking this opportunity to mark several functions as deprecated, they will be removed in the next release. This is outlined in the release notes.

You can read the full release notes at:



Thanks the DataSHIELD team for making this major release! Please note that the DataSHIELD Interface package (DSI) and associated packages (DSOpal, opalr, DSLite) are all available in the official CRAN.

To install DSI-related packages for Opal:

install.packages('DSOpal', dependencies = TRUE)

For those willing to give a try to DSLite:

install.packages('DSLite', dependencies = TRUE)


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