Where should I develop my new functionality?

I have been working on the dslmerSLMA function, which currently sits in the DSI branch of the beta test repositories. This is because I believe the next release will be DSI compatible.

Is this the correct home for it? Or should I fork the dsBase(Client) repositories? Or do I contribute to the 5.1 dev branch?

FYI I am not maintaining the DSI branch of dsBetaTest*. I do it only for the dsBase* repo.

Thanks Yannick. So that would suggest that I should be developing on dsBase*. But we need to work out whether I should be just editing the DSI branch or something else…

Hi Tom,

It depends on the timescale for the release of this function. DS 5.1 will go out in the next couple of weeks. This release is a minor functionality update - couple of bug fixes and one new function at the minute. It does not include DSI.

The DSI release will happen next, and hopefully by Christmas.

If you want to include it in the 5.1 release then ‘downgrade’ your code and do a pull request for dsBase* 5.1-dev branches. If you want to wait for DSI then I need to have a little think about how we manage the branches.

I think @paul might have an opinion on which one this should go in!

Hi Olly,

I think realistically it will not be ready in the next few weeks, so the DSI release does look more likely. Also given that I have discovered that in the full parser a pipe symbol causes issues I need to write my own encode and decode for mixed model formulae to get them passed from client to server:

So I will work on that and then we can work out how to bring it all together