What is this space?

Hi all!

Up til now we have simply had the “User support” and “Developer Support” categories, but we would like to give renewed focus to all-new users of DataSHIELD.

Any questions about what DataSHIELD can be used for, installation and training are welcome here.

Remember we have multiple resources available:

Once users feel established and confident with the DataSHIELD software environment, further questions may be more suited to “Analyst support”.

Welcome to DataSHIELD, post away, hope to be of help!

Hi, just wondering if there is a place online to query information about DS commands. Watched the Dec 20 intro workshop and was curious if Histogram had a pooled option but could not find the dictionary online. Probably right in front of my nose :slight_smile:

Hi Mark,

Yes, the ds.histogram function has the “type” argyment which if it is set to type=“combine”, the function returns the pooled histogram from all the studies.

You can get the help file of any function by running either ?ds.histogram or help(ds.histogram) in R. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I’ll download the December 2020 workshops and give it a go.