Boxplots in DataSHIELD

Hi all!

I came across a paper by the University of Bristol ( in which they discuss graphical functionalities of DataSHIELD. On the paper they mention a new graphical function by the name of ds.boxPlot. Is anyone aware if they released the code or if a box plot function will be added to DataSHIELD in the future?

Thanks in advance, Xavier.

Hi Xavier,

I have developed the ds.boxPlot function which generates a boxplot of a continuous variable, but I haven’t released the code yet, as I wanted to modify the function and additionally allow the generation of the boxplots of a continuous variable across the levels of a categorical variable. I hope to complete this development soon. If you want to use the function for your developments before its formal release, I can share the code with you.

Dear Demetris,

I would really appreciate having a pre-release version to continue the development until the formal release. I will contact you through private message for that matter.