DSI 1.5.0, DSOpal 1.4.0, DSLite 1.4.0 released


Following the feature request add a function to load additional workspaces, a new release of DSI 1.5.0 is available in the CRAN:

DSOpal 1.4.0 implements this feature for the Opal server (4.5).

DSLite 1.4.0 implements this feature as well for a pure R solution. This release also implements the DataSHIELD R parser, that validates and rewrites the R commands send to the server, just like Opal/Armadillo do. This will help DataSHIELD package developers to have a more realistic analysis environment, without the burden of deploying the whole DataSHIELD infrastructure. The function testParse() can be used to check whether a R command satisfies the DataSHIELD R syntax restrictions.