Studyside.message error when using ds.merge

Hi all. When I’m trying to merge the outcome tables from the same dataset to the core data (after seperately changing them in wide format), I get the error "$validity.check [1] " invalid in at least one source. See studyside.messages: $studyside.messages$genr [1] “NOT ALL OK: there are studysideMessage(s) on this datasource”

My code is as follows: ds.merge( = “core_wide”, = “outcome_monthlyrep_wide”, by.x.names = “child_id”, by.y.names = “child_id”, suffixes = c(“.core”, “.outcome”), no.dups = TRUE, newobj = “merge1”, datasources = connections )

Does anyone know how to solve this issue? Many thanks!

Hi Sophie,

The ds.merge function and few more functions have a disclosure control that blocks any name of object that has more than 20 characters. So, I think if you change the name of “outcome_monthlyrep_wide” to a name with less characters, the function will work without any error messages. Can you please check and let me know if that solves this issue?

Many thanks, Demetris

Hi Demetris,

Thank you, this indeed solved my problem!

Best, Sophie