Your chance to help shape DataSHIELD infrastructure

We would be really keen to hear from anyone who has recently been through the process of setting up DataSHIELD infrastructure. This could either be at a single institution, or across a whole consortia.

At the upcoming EUCAN-Connect general assembly we will be holding a workshop about the best practice for running the infrastructure to support federated analyses. We already have representation from the LifeCycle, RECAP-preterm and InterConnect consortia, and would like to increase this. The eventual result from the session will be a paper describing the best practice.

Please get in touch with me before 24th June if you would like to contribute.

Dear Bishop,

We are the COMMITMENT project (Identifying multimodal signatures underlying the somatic comorbidity of psychosis: the COMMITMENT roadmap | Molecular Psychiatry) and developed dsMTL as the federated machine learning tool in DS infrastructure. We would like to contribute to the workshop.

Regards, Hank

Great! I’ll be in touch via email to see how we can make this happen.