eRUM conference: Patricia needs your input please

Hi all,

eRUM is a major Europeran R users. It will take place in Milan in May. I would like represent the DataSHIELD community to this conference. The targeted audience is slightly different than our community. It aims at R users, and data scientists. For that reason, I have identified the R application track being the most suitable.

I have written the following proposal. I am not satisfy with it. It has yet to summarise clearly your amazing work and development of DataSHIELD. For that reason, it would be brilliant, if you could spare a couple of minutes and write in your own words a sentence of your work and achievements in term of research and application of data science.

Thank you very much in advance for you help.


First version of the proposal The understanding and analyzing social, health-related, or biological information can be a challenging and computationally demanding task. The daunting sample size of these datasets often exceeds the provision of any single dataset. Federated analysis is increasingly sharing knowledge by bringing the analysis to the data. Nevertheless, substantive challenges exist in sharing individual-level data and raises significant societal and professional concerns. DataSHIELD enables the remote and non-disclosive analysis of sensitive research data. From a governance perspective, DataSHIELD overcomes many of these issues using some technical measures to render more securely data sharing and discover hidden patterns from the data. This open-source infrastructure and series of R packages have been adopted by some international research projects to analyze sensitive medical data across the European Union. It has also been integrated into medical research institutes in Germany, and NHS trusted research environment in the United Kingdom. The purpose of this talk has threefold. Firstly, we present how the application of R, in conjunction with secure web services, can provide more secure data science tools. Secondly, we present the contribution of DataSHIELD in several major research projects. Finally, DataSHIELD development has an international community is reviewed.