Recommended way of installing dsModellingClient etc in v5


I am just in the process of setting up a new server as a DataSHIELD client with version 5 and have successfully installed the dsBaseClient via

install.packages("dsBaseClient", repos="", type="source")

When I try the same with the other packages, e. g. dsModellingClient, I get the message:

package ‘dsModellingClient’ is not available (for R version 3.5.2)

Then I checked the OBiBa CRAN and it is indeed not there:

Is it now only possible to install the other DataSHIELD packages via devtools?

Here it says that both ways should work:

EDIT: Now I checked the R help of dsBaseClient. It seems like the other packages are now integrated in dsBaseClient?


All the ds*Client packages (dsModellingClient, dsGraphicsClient etc.) have been merged into dsBaseClient (since version 5). Same thing for the server side packages. To avoid conflicts, these legacy packages have been removed from


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Thank you for clarifying!

Just a suggestion: maybe this could also be stated explicitly in the description of Version 5.0 Maybe I am not the only one that is confused when upgrading from 4 to 5.