Error: No such value table in data in Data Source

Hi all, I am going through the tutorial for local installation and usage of Datashield (Windows). Following help from Alex I managed to set up the two local opal servers. Thanks!

For installing the Datashield R packages I first downgraded my R version 4.0 to 3.6 just in case your R packages are not 4.0 ready yet. From a previous post I conclude that installing ‘dsModellingClient’, ‘dsGraphicsClient’, ‘dsStatsClient’ is not possible and not needed, so I ignore the installation of those three packages and only do:

install.packages('opal', repos='', type='source')
install.packages('dsBaseClient', repos='', type='source') 

Continuing with the tutorial:

> data(logindata)
Warning message:
In data(logindata) : data set ‘logindata’ not found

I suppose object logindata has been removed? To work around this I downloaded the table via your link, resulting in my_login object:

 server                 url          user password       table
1 study1 administrator password CNSIM.CNSIM
2 study2 administrator password CNSIM.CNSIM


> opals <- datashield.login(logins=my_login,assign=TRUE)

Logging into the collaborating servers
Error: Unauthorized (401)

The url seems correct as I am able to access the login screen via my browser. I am guessing the password is not correct, so I update the password used elsewhere in the tutorials.

my_login$password = "datashield_test&"

> opals <- datashield.login(logins=my_login,assign=TRUE)

Logging into the collaborating servers
Warning: study1 will be excluded: Error : study1: Not Found (404): {"code": 404,"status": "NoSuchValueTableInDatasource","arguments": ["CNSIM","CNSIM"]}

Warning: study2 will be excluded: Error : study2: Not Found (404): {"code": 404,"status": "NoSuchValueTableInDatasource","arguments": ["CNSIM","CNSIM"]}

Do I need to update the table names in the login object or did I go wrong in any of the preceding steps?

Thanks, Vincent


No such value table: there is no table in Opal called CNSIM in the project CNSIM. If you login in Opal you will probably see that the tables are called CNSIM1, CNSIM2 and CNSIM3. Then change your logindata by replacing lines with CNSIM.CNSIM, with CNSIM.CNSIM1 and CNSIM.CNSIM2.


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Thank you! But please note that the tutorial section login template will need updating as there the CNSIM tables do not have numbers.

Edit: Sorry, I now see that I am looking at the version 4.0 tutorial, while probably I should be looking at the version 5.0 tutorials.

I just figured out how I ended up using the wrong tutorial.

The url on for “DataSHIELD User Tutorial” points to the version 4.0 tutorial, probably this should now be updated to the version 5.0 tutorial.

Thanks for the tip, I’ll get on that immediately.