Invitation to working groups for new DataSHIELD Community Constitution

Hi everyone,

we are inviting you to discussions on a variety of themes around formalising the governance of DataSHIELD, taking place over the next 3 months.

The idea is to complete each document in a single session so that by the end we can arrive at a working/functioning process. But we shouldn’t be overly worried about it being perfect - it is allowed to be adapted or refined in the future!

These are the topics that will be discussed:

date topic objectives link
17 May Stakeholders, Roles, and Decision-Making Groups Define
Key stakeholders

Community members

Decision-making groups (within DS community) e.g SC, DAB (?), working groups etc
24th May Stakeholders, Roles, and Decision-Making Groups Continue discussion of roles and decision making groups
31st May Stakeholders, Roles, and Decision-Making Groups Discuss Constitution Introduction, complete discussion of roles and decision making groups
7th Jun Steering Committee Decide make-up of SC
And any other groups
14 Jun Decision-making and dispute resolution Define decision-making process by SC and any other groups
28 Jun Social Contract Reach agreement
12 Jul Code of Conduct + Diversity and participation statement Reach agreement

Link to join each session: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Each topic will have its own forum post, to be linked in the table above, to collect discussion and relevant information in preparation for the meeting. Zoom links will also be disseminated there nearer to the time.

We really want people to read and suggest edits in advance. Reading the work done during the March workshop is strongly recommended, available here;

We WILL be making final decisions at each of these meetings - this is YOUR chance to participate.

Hope to see you there!

Alex Westerberg and the DataSHIELD Governance working group

Hi Folks,

those of you who attended today’s session (thank you very much again for coming!) will know that the decision at the end of the session was to extend today’s discussion into next week’s session, in order to have adequate time to hear everyone’s opinion on the key topic of roles and stakeholders.

If you would have time, we’d love for you to come along, Tuesday next week (24/05/22) at 10BST/11CEST to wrap up this topic. Same zoom link as last week, if you don’t have it, please email to receive an invite.

Looking forward to seeing you there again,

Alex Westerberg and the DataSHIELD governance working group