DataSHIELD Community Constitution Meeting Updates

Hi Everyone,

thanks to all those who have attended the first two community constitution workshops that have already taken place. For anyone who wasn’t there, it has been decided to make some further changes to the schedule to ensure the meetings fully cover everyone’s views on the topics up for discsusion. This will be combined with some new procedures to keep the debate moving forward in the sessions, which we will be trialling from next week- all good things, I promise!

Documents under discussion: the Master document containing the whole constitution is useful for reference, but we won’t be directly editing it, instead we are editing subsections of it stored in separate pads (using the framapads software). We will be compiling the final constitution to reflect all edits suggested by community members during these sessions. Therefore please use the following links to view the latest sections:

  • Constitution Introduction (link)
  • Section 1: Stakeholders, Roles, and Decision-Making Groups (link)
  • Section 2: Steering Committee (link)
  • Section 3: Decision-making and dispute resolution (link)
  • Section 4: Social Contract (link)
  • Section 5: Code of Conduct (link) + Diversity and participation statement (link)
  • Appendix: Glossary of Terms (link)

Below is the update schedule of meetings; since it has become clear that everyone has a lot to say, we are now assuming that discussions will be taking place every Tuesday morning 11.00-12.30 CEST (10.00-11.30 BST) until we wrap up all topics around early July.

Table: as of time of writing, topics already occuring are marked in italics.

date topic objectives link
17 May Stakeholders, Roles, and Decision-Making Groups Define
Key stakeholders

Community members

Decision-making groups (within DS community) e.g SC, DAB (?), working groups etc
24th May Stakeholders, Roles, and Decision-Making Groups Continue discussion of roles and decision making groups
31st May Constitution Introduction;
Stakeholders, Roles, and Decision-Making Groups
Review the context for the Community Constitution in the Introduction ( &what is the constitution for)
then use remaining time to complete the discussion of roles and decision making groups
7th Jun Steering Committee Decide make-up of SC
And any other groups
14 Jun Steering Committee Steering Committee spillover session (tbd)
21 Jun Decision-making and dispute resolution Define decision-making process by SC and any other groups
28 Jun Social Contract Reach agreement
5 Jul Scheduled spillover session (tbd)
12 Jul Code of Conduct + Diversity and participation statement Reach agreement

Link to join zoom session: Launch Meeting - Zoom - please be aware that recording will be taking place, but only for note taking purposes.

Lastly, any updates to this schedule will be published below this post as comments so that email notifications are sent out to forum subscribers, so scroll down for the most up to date news.

Hope to see many of you there over the coming weeks making YOUR views on the structure of the community known!


Here’s a new pad to create an outline for the constitution:

Link to community diagram