Help developing dsTidyverse

Hi all,

I’ve started working on developing a dsTidyverse package to aid with data manipuation - I think this would improve the DS user experience considerably.

However I’m struggling a bit with tidy evaluation, and working out how to pass arguments to tidyverse functions through the r parser. Ideally I’d like to preserve as much of the original functionality as possible.

If anyone is familiar with tidyverse and could help with this it would be appreciated :slight_smile:


Hi, can I suggest joining one of the stats theme meetings - a link to the DataSHIELD Community Calendar shows when the next meetings are. You can also download the calendar too. There will be people in the meeting that are familiar with developing packages and so you can ask some questions there. Or there is also the monthly drop in meeting (it is also on the calendar) which will be a mix of people across all the themes.