DataSHIELD Community Calendar

If anyone is interested to test this - can you see if you can add the shared community calendar to your calendar software of choice. See instructions on the wiki. I only tested with web outlook, and can subscribe to the shared calendar ok. It is now viewable on the wiki test page too. For now i have added the details for the weekly drop in and the monthly stats theme meetings. In the steering committee we discussed perhaps theme leads could have access to add/edit events on the shared calendar, but the calendar is viewable for all. We can trial this for a little and see what people think.

Great, works for me!

I just needed to click the ‘+’ and then I could see the meetings in my google calendar.


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Thanks I notice many themes are also now populating it with their meetings. Unfortunately when subscribing to the google calendar in outlook we are left with ugly html! But the zoom links and times based on timezone etc work fine.