Dstemplate 0.1.0

Hello everyone!

Following some discussions and ideas that arised during the recent DataSHIELD 2022 conference, I have taken the time to develop a template for the pkgdown websites of the DataSHIELD community packages (and also dsBase if the core developers do want to use it as well).

The main idea is to provide a common visual language (mainly related to the DS main colour - orange) throughout all the packages as well as adding some branding (logos).

To do so, I have relied on the fact that you can actually use an R package to serve as pkgdown template. More precisely I have closely replicated what RStudio did with their own packages.

For information about how to implement this feature to your package documentation, please read the README of the package:

If you have any doubts about how to use it, please feel free to contact me or reply to this thread.

Also, following the community spirit, feel free to open GitHub issues and Pull Requests with your ideas.

To represent the DataSHIELD community I have modified the good old logo that is present on the website writing “Community” instead of “ataSHIELD”, if you would like to propose changes to it, it is located here.

Thanks for your attention,