Ds.glm(family="quasipoisson") ci.mat error


I’m trying to run a ds.glm() and it works fine when family=binomial but when I try to use family="quasipoisson" I get an error:

Error in cbind(model.parameters, ci.mat) : object 'ci.mat' not found

Looking at the source code of ds.glm(), I’m not sure if quasipoisson is actually available:

Lines 694-738 seem to refer to gaussian, binomial and poisson, and 740-749 everything else.

NB, I’m running version 6.1.0 because our nodes are not updated - when I upgraded (locally) to 6.1.1 it broke (at least) one of the functions!



Hi Andrei,

Yes, you are right. The ds.glm function allows only gaussian, binomial and poisson distributions. The ds.glmSLMA in additional to those 3, it allows also gamma, quasipoisson and quasibinomial distributions.

We plan to include more distributions in the ds.glm in one of the next releases.

Thanks Demetris. I’ll look at ds.glmSLMA (I see there are some very comprehensive notes to accompany it which is great!).