Error in ds.glmSLMA

Dear all,

I am using ds.glmSLMA for an analysis on 8 studies but I repeatedly get an error :

model0 <- ds.glmSLMA(formula=alive_bin_discharge.n ~ sex_bin.r,
+                      dataName = "baseline",
+                      combine.with.metafor = TRUE,
+                      # checks = TRUE,
+                      family="quasipoisson", datasource = working[-c(2,6)])
  Aggregated (exists("baseline")) [======================================================] 100% / 3s
  Aggregated (glmSLMADS1(alive_bin_discharge.n ~ sex_bin.r, "quasipoisson", ) [==========] 100% / 4s

SAVING SERVERSIDE glm OBJECT AS: < new.glm.obj >

  Assigned expr. (new.glm.obj <- glmSLMADS.assign(alive_bin_discharge.n ~ sex_bin.r, "quasipoisso...
  Aggregated (glmSLMADS2(alive_bin_discharge.n ~ sex_bin.r, "quasipoisson", ) [==========] 100% / 3s
Error in betamatrix[, k] <- study.summary[[k]]$coefficients[, 1] : 
  number of items to replace is not a multiple of replacement length

When I add the argument checks, I get an error saying that NAs are not defined in the studies, even for those without any NAs.

Does anyone know how to solve it?

For information I am using the Recap Preterm platform.

Thank you in advance for your help and do not hesitate if you need more information on my code.

Best, Majda