DataSHIELD v 6.2 released

Hi everyone,

DataSHIELD version 6.2 is now available to download/install. The release include major new feature not in release 6.1.1. The changes from v6.1.1 to v6.2.0 are included in the release notes that can be found here:

Please let us know if there are any issues.


For docker users, the corresponding OBiBa/Rock R server image including dsBase (datashield/rock-base) has been updated with the tags: latest, 6.2 and 6.2-R4.1. Those willing to have Opal with a DataSHIELD profile 6.1 can still use the tag 6.1.



It’s great news that v6.2 is released. I have noticed that a lot of the virtual machines that are provided for development and training are now quite out of date. While it is possible to update everything with apt-get or similar, this can be a bit of a chore, and the OS itself is still Ubuntu 16.

Are the previous scripts available as I can do a pull request etc to help with the updates?



Hi Tom, I have updated the vagrant and puppet scripts which help create the VM to use Ubuntu 20.04, but it appears that a puppet issue causes the failure to configure MySQL correctly.

I am investigating replacing the VirtualBox VMs with Docker compositions, so looking for a way to wrap a docker composition to make it easy to deploy on a user machine.


You can also replace mysql by mongodb.

Thanks Stuart for looking at this.

I guess what you’re saying is remove the Opal, MySQL and Rserver part of the puppet scripts, and replace these with installing Docker and Docker Compose and provide a docker-compose.yml file. Then all the configuration problems are already sorted in the containers? That seems like a good approach to me