Any new DataSHIELD papers?

We’ve been updating our list of publications on the DataSHIELD website, take a look and let us know if there are any that we’ve missed!

After many years of work(!), we have 2 new papers that made use of DataSHIELD that can be added to the list. They study the effects of fish and legume consumption on type 2 Diabetes across multiple cohorts. This involved fitting survival models at each cohort and meta-analysing the results:


Hi Tom, great news & well done - happy to add your papers.

Best wishes, Elaine

Hi Tom

Fantastic and congratulations, that is excellent news for Intercomnect but also for DataSHIELD. Actual published use cases have been less plentiful than we would have liked (though starting to increase). I know that the only reason your work has progressed right through to publication is because of the consistent heavy lifting you’ve done at every stage: in implementing DS on your consortia, actively encouraging its use, developing and applying new functionality and now working with others to make implementation easier for new users. THANKS for all your work!!!

Cheers paul