'addWGSR' function from 'zscorer' package


I need to estimate WHO z-scores for my research study. This is to be found using the addWGSR function in the zscorer package.

However, as I understand this is not available in DataSHIELD as of today. Can anyone help me with this?

Many thanks in advance,


Johan Vinther, Copenhagen, DK

Hi Johan,

I confirm that this function can be implemented in DataSHIELD. I have added this in my list of developments and I believe that we can release it with version 6.1 of DataSHIELD. In the meantime, there is an alternative way to calculate the WHO z-scores using the ds.make function but it will not be straightforward. I can help you on that if you need to calculate these scores before the release of a ds.addWGSR function.