Tutorial Issues: “OpalDriver” is not a defined class

While I am following the tutorial on: https://data2knowledge.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DSDEV/pages/1241120778/DataSHIELD+Training+Part+1+Introduction+and+logging+in

step by step I recieved following error message, while trying to " Assign to "connections" the DSI function to log into the desired Opal servers."

Logging into the collaborating servers Fehler in getClass(Class, where = topenv(parent.frame())) : “OpalDriver” is not a defined class

I copy and pasted the log in dataframe into R, so maybe this was a mistake? I can’t find a reason why this is wrong.

Thanks for you help, Bastian


You do not have loaded the required packages (more specifically DSOpal), see “Load Packages” section.


@yannick Thanks alot, sometimes it can be so simple… simply lost the overview, but you were totaly right :slight_smile: