Training servers login v5

Hi there, I’ve been using v4 for a while now without any issues. Today I installed the v5 training environment and realized that I cannot login into the servers anymore (user/password). Anything else works as intended. Maybe related: The opal webclient throws a big, fat, red “NotAcceptableException” warning after login (yet this does not affect any other functionality).

Any idea how to fix this? Any idea how to install non R CRAN packages on the servers?

Hi Nicolas,

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Have you installed v5 on both your client and the server?



Hi Olly,

Yes, I have. I can connect to the VMs via the R login data.frame and run the same examples as in v4. I can also log into the Opal web interface (administrator/datashield_test&). Logging into the VMs however fails.

Best Nicolas

Hi Nicolas,

sorry, I misunderstood your question.

@swheater - what is the ssh username/password for the training VMs? It used to be user/password.



Hi Nicolas, Try username “root” and password “puppet”.


Hi Stuart, Thanks a lot, works like a charm.

Maybe update the documentation here?


Great. And docs updated! Cheers.