Table configuration in file system after rebooting

Hey, Ive encountered following problem. I have datashield as a docker image with external volume (aws ebs) mounted to the /srv (I took it from docker opal github docker-opal/docker-compose.yml at master · obiba/docker-opal · GitHub). I have also configured projects, users, tables, csv files were uploaded. After reboot node on which docker is running I have every data despite of tables and variables. In another words, users, projects, csvs remain, but “number of tables” and “number of variables” are gone and is equal to 0. Therefore I need to setup it once again by performing opal rest -o --user administrator --password password -m POST -ct "application/json" /datasource/project/tables < table_config.json. Ive checked on the server path /srv/fs and I see users, projects, but nothing corresponding to the tables. Is there any other place where this configuration is saved? Or maybe should I prevent rebooting by adding shell script after start?


The tables are in the database. Is the connection between opal and the database still operational?


hey, yes you are right after mounting volume to database, everything works :slightly_smiling_face: