Documentation for administrator


I’m a newcomer here, I’m a sysadmin in my local university and need to configure a server for datashield. (mainly such that our security officer and scientist can check the solution)

In the opal documentation, they make reference to “Datashield Documentation for Administrator”. But I do not find such page/section anywhere. So far it seems that I lack some documentation to make the product working (opal and rock are working but it seems that Datashield is not discover by opal).




I guess that if Opal+Rock servers are running, you have already read:

More specifically there is a DataSHIELD administration section in Opal’s doc:

If the installation of the DataSHIELD packages (such as dsBase) fails, you need to check your R installation (server side).

For an easier R server maintenance, please consider using Docker, instead of a native package: There is also a Rock docker image that already contains dsBase:

Hope this helps

Olivier, I am very interested in knowing the types of question your our security officer and scientist are asking. I hope to create a set of documents which will make such conversations easier.

At present the only such document I have is a “Architectural Description - Risk Assessment”.