Request Entity Too Large

Hi, I am trying to import data (1676488x10) and get this error: [Client error: (413) Request Entity Too Large]

After I removed non-essential variables, the import progressed till 83% and then I got the error: Error: [Server error: (504) Gateway Timeout]

How can I import the data?

Kr, Wilmar

Most likely, some memory is missing. Which format and which importer?

I have imported a tab-delimited text file, converted it to the tibble format, and tried to upload to the datashield server with the following command:

opal.table_save(con.srv1.opal, mydata, project = “myproject”, table = “mytable”, = “id”, force=TRUE)

Even after reducing the object size including only minimal number of variable (all character type), the progress bar gets to 83% and then stalls.

Memory of the server for the complete DataSHIELD stack is 4Gb, but htop shows lots of free memory (3GB free of 4GB).