Large data uploading issue

Dear all,

We meet the following error when uploading a 30 megabyte file to a remote server (opal 3.0.3). However, this file can be uploaded into the VM (opal 2.1.6) without problem. So I thought it was the configuration issue. Does any have information?

 opal.file_upload(opals[[3]], "Data/omics/X3.csv", "/projects/classify/")
Error: Client error: (413) Request Entity Too Large

Regards, Hank


In Opal there is a setting for that: org.obiba.opal.maxFormContentSize.

Is there a proxy between the script and the opal server ? If yes, verify also that error is not coming from the proxy settings.

Regards Yannick

Hi Yannick,

Thanks, we solved this.

Regards, Hank