Package dsBaseClient: non-ds.-functions

Dear all,

I am currently in the development process of the package dsFederatedBoosting and would like to use some of the functions you developed internally for dsBaseClient. For example, I am talking about extract.R, isDefined.R, getOpals.R, and findLoginObjects.R. Unfortunately, you didn’t export the functions.

I would suggest to move such functions in a separate package (maybe called dsServiceClient), which can than be loaded in all development packages.

Best wishes, Daniela

Thanks for the suggestion about dsServiceClient.

But for a quick workabout you could use “:::”, for example, dsBaseClient:::findLoginObjects(…) to bypass the “exported check”.


Ah, thanks! I tried that and was confused why it didn’t work - but I only used two : instead of three :woman_facepalming: