Opal: Changes to shiro.ini file not taking effect

Hi! This is an issue post continued from an earlier thread How to change Opal admin password from WebUI - #3 by aakkoc

It’s possible to change the default admin password while setting up Opal, but is it also possible to change it afterwards from the web UI. The alternative would be to edit the shiro.ini file I presume?

I have been having issues with edits to the shiro.ini file not updating passwords.

I recorded a video of myself changing the admin password and it not updating. Hopefully, this will let others see what the issue looks on my end:

  1. I use the shiro-hasher to get a new password
  2. Update the conf/shiro.ini file
  3. Restart opal
  4. But it still expects the old password

What could be the reason?

Answer can be found here:

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