Change the passwords in docker image


I am running DataShield in Docker now. How do I change the default passwords as defined in the docker image [1] (while the container is up an running)?

Best, Wilmar

[1] Installation — Opal documentation


In the “docker-compose.yml” file, in the “service / opal” environment section, you can change the value of “OPAL_ADMINISTRATOR_PASSWORD” to the password you want.

Does this answer your question?


The passwords defined by environment variables in the docker compose file are applied only at first start. If you want to change them afterwards, see User Directories documentation for the “administrator” password, or edit “” for the other default passwords (which ones are you talking about?).

If it is still a fresh install, it may be simpler to just go down and then up with the docker compose, for a new “first start”.


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Thanks, yes, I was wondering how to change the passwords while the docker image is up and running. Yannick’s answer is what I needed.