Opal not picking up username from Agate (web app)

After updating shiro.ini I have assigned a new password to our opal system administrator.

But when I go on the web app (Agate?), the credentials fail to log me in.

What is really strange though, is that the username is somehow not able to reach the logs.

tail -f var/log/opal/rest.log


This is the first time I am seeing "username":"Unknown" and I don’t think this is intentional behaviour.

What could be the problem and how can I fix it?

Oh one important detail!

I was able to confirm that the password updated correctly with the obiba-opal CLI:

opal project --user administrator --p [PWD]
> (expected output) 
opal project --user administrator --p wrong_password
{"code": 401, "status": "Unauthorized: No permission -- see authorization schemes"}