Health Data Science Conference 11-12th June, Wellcome Genome Campus, Cambridge UK

Wellcome Genome Campus at Cambridge University will be hosting the UK’s national health data science conference this year on 11-12th June 2019. Registration is not yet open, full details on their website.

Things to note:

  • PhD student bursaries - deadline for application 2nd April see bursaries section of conference website.
  • there is a very small number of speaker slots and so we are thinking of submitting one talk from the DataSHIELD community to summarise - but not go into detail - about developments over the past year and to cover our current aims/goals for DataSHIELD in 2019. Then individuals can submit abstracts to go into their own work in more detail.

It would be good to know if people are intending to submit abstracts - if you can reply in this thread with any thoughts please.

@tombishop Paul was wondering about meeting you re- EUCanConnect after 2pm on 12th, or on the 13th June?

Hi Becca, yes good idea. I will block the time in my diary…