Fixed axes in plots, esp. ds.heatmapPlot

Hey all,

we were wondering if there is a workaround to set the axes of DataSHIELD plots with which one can set something like xlim = c(-5,5) and ylim = c(0,10). In the project I am talking about we are still working with version 4.0.

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Hi Caroline,

What kind of plots do you want to generate? In general, the graphical functions of DataSHIELD do not allow all possible arguments that are exist in native R graphical functions such as the xlim and ylim. However, you can create an object of your plot by assigning to it a name, and then use the R plot function to change the ranges of axes.

Here is an example:

hist <- ds.histogram(x=‘CM$age.60’, type=‘combine’)

plot(hist, xlim=c(-100,100), ylim=c(0,1000))

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I forgot to say that versions 5.0 and above of DataSHIELD include updated versions of the graphical functions in addition to many other new functions and improvements to old functions, so I suggest you to consider an update of your DataSHIELD packages!

Demetris, am I right in thinking the new graphical functions’ server side part also require a new version of the Opal server? Stuart

Yes Stuart, that’s right. The new versions of graphical functions require the creation of a study-specific seed random number generator which is a feature of Opal version 2.14 (and higher). The new versions also need the installation of the “RANN” R package on the server-side.

Thank you Demetris for pointing out such an easy way!

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