DataSHIELD Package Information

I have been gathering opinions about the information we should gather about the DataSHIELD packages which are being developed across the DataSHIELD community. The aim of gathering this information is to be made it available to the wider DataSHIELD community to guide their development and analysis plans.

The opinions I have received so for are summarized in the linked document, it contains a draft form, and example of completed forms for a number of packages (e.g.dsMicrobiome, dsBase and dsHelper)

I have also been investigating the use of online form systems to gather the information, early prototypes are below.

Google Forms



Hi Stuart,

Thanks for doing this. At this stage are you still looking for feedback on the prototype online forms, or do you want people to start contributing their package details to the Google doc?



Hi Tom, I believe the online forms contain all the fields which are being proposed, but aren’t as helpful or pretty as they could be. I am happy to reenter (cut & paste) any entered information into the final system. It would be nice to have a packages developer use the form, and for a prospective user of the package to assess what should be added to the form.

I am happy for any feedback.


Would full list of contributors (past and present) be helpful? Links to papers too?