DataSHIELD command not recognized by Server


why does DataSHIELD not recognize the command ds.dim(x = ‘DST’, datasources = connections)

Kr, Shiny

library(DSI) library(DSOpal) library(dsBaseClient)

builder ← DSI::newDSLoginBuilder()
builder$append(server=“server1”, url=“”,
user=“administrator”, password=“password”)
logindata ← builder$build()
connections ← datashield.login(logins=logindata) datashield.assign.table(connections, symbol = “DST”, table = c(“project0.mtcars”))

ds.dim(x = ‘DST’, datasources = connections) Aggregated (dimDS(“DST”)) [============================================================] 100% / 0s Error: There are some DataSHIELD errors, list them with datashield.errors()

datashield.errors() $server1 [1] “Command ‘dimDS("DST")’ failed on ‘server1’: No such DataSHIELD ‘AGGREGATE’ method with name: dimDS”


There are some functions that can help with inspecting what Datashield config is available on your server:

  • This function will list the aggregate functions available on the server:
datashield.methods(connections, type = "aggregate")
  • This function will list the “datashield” packages installed on the R server:


Thanks, problem solved after replacing the line:

image: obiba/rock:latest

with the new line:

image: datashield/rock-base:latest

in the docker.yml file.

Please note that the docker.yml files in the OPAL documentation [1] is outdated and incomplete.

Kr, Shiny

[1] Installation — Opal documentation