DataSHIELD v 6.1.1 released

Hi everyone,

DataSHIELD version 6.1.1 is now available to download/install. The release is for maintenance purposes and contains changes for known issues in release 6.1.0. The changes from v6.1.0 to v6.1.1 are included in the release notes that can be found here:

Please let us know if there are any issues.


I was looking for an equivalent of Python’s virtual environments and there is something similar in R: the packrat R package (from Rstudio). It allows to fix the dependency versions and switch from one R environment to another. That would allow end-users to have several client side package versions. Combined with R server profiles, the upgrade would be easier for the client side (isolated R environments) and would improve the reproducibility of the analysis.

Has anyone tried packrat?