4 x 5 year Tenure Track positions in Health and Life Sciences at University of Liverpool

We have four tenure track posts available in my faculty. I’m happy to support or give advice to researchers in the community interested in applying in areas relating to aspects of DataSHIELD - please get in touch with me at datashield @ liverpool.ac.uk.

Beyond DataSHIELD, the department has as a strong research focus on health and social inequalities - with links to the LifeCycle Consortium, and the Institute is in the process of establishing a new regional child cohort that plans to join the EU Child Cohort Network. Through our association with the Civic Data Cooperative we are a data-rich region, already making use of secondary care data linked to data held by local businesses and other public services in order to benefit health and social care in the Liverpool area.

Full details: job advert.

Applications close: 5th January 2023 (but may close early if there are many strong applications).