2022 Conference attendance questions?

I have signed up for online attendance to the 2022 Conference: Conference 2022. There is no e-mail address on the conference website, so I am posting my questions here:

  1. When will online access details be circulated or should I have received them already as part of the payment process?
  2. How can I ask for an invoice for my payment? I only received a payment receipt.

If there is an e-mail address that I should reach out to instead of posting this message then let me know.

Thanks, Vincent

Hi Vincent, I think there is a box to tick upon registration to request an invoice. But if this has not been sent, please email esther.brinquis @ isglobal.org

We usually send out emails to registered delegates 1 week before the conference containing attendance information including the links for access (and a reminder the day before the conference starts!)

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