Using operators like ":", ">=",... with ds.make function

Hey all,

I am currently carrying out analyses with dataSHIELD. I planned the script using DSLite. But If I want to run the code on the real Opal Server, I get problems with operators like “:”, “<=”,… using the ds.make function:

toAssign ← “data_EDSS$delta_EDSS!=0” ds.make(toAssign = toAssign, newobj = “temp”, datasources = connections)

Then I get following error:

[1] "[Client error: (400) Bad Request] Encountered " <R_OPERATOR> "= "" at line 1, column 23.\nWas expecting one of:\n …\n …\n <R_IDENTIFIER> …\n <R_STRING> …\n
<R_DBLSTRING> …\n "(" …\n <R_IDENTIFIER> …\n "

Is there an opportunity to use such operators with the ds.make function?

Thank you very much in advance.

best, Stefan

Hi Stefan,

Most of those symbols are blocked by the R parser so you can not do this with the ds.make function. But you can define such conditions with the ds.Boole function which converts the symbols of such operations to some specific values in order to pass the request to the serverside.

Please have a look and check if the ds.Boole can do what you like to do.