Theme Leads/Core Groups and Steering Committee

So far, the following Themes have confirmed leads:

  • Tech: Infrastructure Development - Yannick and Morris

  • Tech: Operational Management - [no one has volunteered yet]

  • Tech: Statistical Development - Demetris and Manuel

  • Process: Education - Juan Ramon

  • Process: Governance - Andrei

  • Process: Communications and Outreach - Angela and Eleanor

These people constitute the Core Groups. Thus, for the Core Groups, we have:

  • Tech: Yannick, Morris, Demetris, Manuel
  • Process: Juan Ramon, Andrei, Angela, Eleanor

Nominations for the Steering Committee are now open, as described in the most recent post in the Constitution and proposals thread.

The deadline for these nominations is at the end of the day on Monday, 30th January.

The names of the members of the Steering Committee will be posted in this thread when they are decided.

Update: the Operational Management Theme Lead is Stuart Wheater.

Steering Committee

Membership of the Steering Committee has now been confirmed:

Members from Process Core Group

  • Juan Ramon Gonzales
  • Andrei Morgan
  • Angela Pinot de Moira

Members from Tech Core Group

  • Manuel Huth
  • Morris Swertz
  • Stuart Wheater

Voting Members not belonging to a Core Group

  • Tom Bishop
  • Jan Hasenauer
  • Becca Wilson

The Steering Committee will elect a Chair from among its members.