Rserver vs. Rock


I realized that my Opal instance was running with an Rserver on a machine I set-up.

In some guides, I have read that you can combine Rservers and Rock in your Server cluster. And I also think I had installed Rock on this machine, so I am wondering why Opal is not immediately seeing it. I need to add it under Manage > Rock > Add > Service (Default, Admin or Manager & User).

What are some reasons I should be using Rock over Rserver, if any?


Rock replaces rserver with a modern REST API interface, since 2021. Despite the fact that Opal still supports connections to legacy rservers, this will not be the case anymore in the next major release of Opal: too much legacy code to maintain.

This being said, in your case the R server looks like it is a Rock one (port 8085).

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Hmm, I see!

That’s good to know that one should check on port number because Rock can be aliased as rserver.