opalR database creation


While following the OpalR Cookbook Tutorial, I found myself stuck on the following part

if (opal.project_exists(o, "dummy"))
  opal.project_delete(o, "dummy")  
opal.project_create(o, "dummy", database = TRUE)
opal.project(o, "dummy")

The docker console logs the following error indicating that the DB for this project does not exist. : ERROR org.obiba.opal.core.service.DatasourceLoaderServiceImpl - Datasource Loader 1: loading datasource of project dummy failed for database: mongodb

Do I need to follow some other step before, to ensure a valid database is created? Preferably within OpalR, without switching to web app. Thanks in advance :smiley:


If the database you registered (called mongodb apparently) is functional (is it?), there is nothing more to be specified. You can list the databases that can be associated to a project with the function opal.projects_databases.